3 Common Mistakes of Novice Realtors

Avoid making these mistakes and become a top-earning real estate agent.

One of the smartest real estate tips given is to be confident. However, there’s more to selling a house than confidence. These real estate tips are helpful for agents looking to take their home sales to the next level. Making the mistake of settling for sub-par photos, falling victim to outdated pricing strategies or mismanaging our marketing funds can sink a business that should be thriving. Become a top-earning agent by staying on top of each little aspect of the business.

Settling For Visual Marketing

The top-earning real estate agents don’t skimp on the visual marketing. So don’t just settle for photos that aren’t spectacular or a video tour that is just so-so. The visual marketing is what really speaks to a homebuyer in a sea of house and condo listings. High-quality photos of the home, rooms, & other property aspects are essential. Any real estate agent that isn’t equipped to take photos of their properties should invest in a photography class, do some research, or even consider making friends with an amateur photographer who will help get the best shots.

Erroneous Pricing

Poor pricing strategies can be a big problem for novice realtors. Of course not overpricing a listing is one of the classic real estate tips, but there’s even more nuance to pricing in the age of digital listing apps like Zillow. With the ability to search for homes in pricing brackets ending at $4 or $500,000 we can cut ourselves off pricing a listing at $399,999, or something similar. Many follow the old marketing trick of putting something at 99-cents to seem cheaper, but it will work against a realtor on the digital market. Instead, opt for checking all of the online resources to be sure that we’re not cutting ourselves out of a pivotal bracket with novice pricing strategies.

Marketing Mismatch

A lot of new real estate agents will make the mistake of pouring their marketing budget into print ads and listings. This is usually seen as essential despite small funds an agent is using to start their home sales enterprise. Instead of pushing our funds into print media, a sect of the industry that isn’t showing huge ROI in this market, think digitally. Social media, blogging, and video platforms are usually free or a small portion of print media costs. It is also a great idea to think about how we know that is in an influencer in the industry. Perhaps they will give our page a shout or a tag to help us build a following. Be smart about marketing funds in the first year or two in business, don’t make a novice real estate mistake.

Being on top of the little things is the best way to become one of the elite top earning real estate agents.

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