How To Get Solid Leads From Open House

The first step to ever hosting an open house is to assess whether or not the property would benefit from our hosting the event. If we are in the place to host an open house, we have to be sure to do it right. During the event be sure to greet guests, make conversation, and nurture leads above all else. An open house should convert leads into clients, follow these steps to host a successful event.

Greet Guests at the Door

Immediately identify yourself as the realtor to guests by greeting them at the door. This will make them feel welcome while also making it clear that you’re the one to go to for anything they may need. At the check-in, it’s also a great idea to take advantage of a check-in real estate app to gather the guest’s information. An app can not only aggregate the content for us and save us hours of data entry, but there are also features that allow a real estate agent to easily send follow up emails.

Ask The Right Questions

During the Open House, we should always be available when our guests have questions. But some people are shy, so it’s important to also be on top of asking questions. Some of the best leading questions are:

    • What kind of property are they looking for?
    • Are they interested in this property?
  • Which other properties might be of interested to them?

Make The House Look Glorious

Obviously to host an open house we need to get the place in tip-top shape. Tending to wild shrubs and planting some flower pots in the entryway will make a lasting first impression. Walkthrough and recommend spaces where clutter needs to be removed and perhaps throw up a fresh coat of paint.
On the actual day of the open house arrive early to open up the curtains, turn on all of the lights, and put on some light music for ambiance. As we all know, the smell is imperative as well. The ‘cookies in the oven’ trick is a great one as some people can have a serious aversion to the aroma of certain candles.

Boost With Social Media

Every real estate agent knows that sending open house invitations to local influencers and neighbors is a great way to throw a successful event. But it’s also wise to boost the day on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Make an event on Facebook to incite great attendance, but don’t stop there. Live host open house real estate moments and highlights on Facebook Live, Instagram Live, and post it in the stories. This promotion lets us access even more people and encourages client conversion on social media.

Informational Packets

Ensure open house guests take the information home with them by providing detailed information packets. First and foremost we should have our name and phone number front and center in multiple places. The informational packet should also include the following:

  • an FAQ about the home,
  • a floor plan
  • a list of nearby stores & shops
  • and a list of the 3–5 amenities that make the property stand out among similar listings

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