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One thing homeowners and real estate agents can agree on is that we don’t want our house sitting on the market for months and months. Sometimes this means making home improvements that increase curb appeal and move a property with haste. These Payfully approved home sale tips can improve the selling power of any place.

5. New Clean Color Scheme

The walls of our home are often overlooked, but that is a huge mistake. Walls are essential in opening up a room, reflecting light, and sometimes even adding that missing accent to tie the whole room together. At the very least a homeowner should complete a thorough cleaning of the walls before even taking pictures of the space for sale. Many buyers choose to go one step further when selling a home. Painting the interior and even changing the color scheme of key rooms like the kitchen or living space can refresh a house possibly making it sell more quickly.

4. Replace Carpets & Replenish Floors

Our floors take a lot of wear as we live and walk around in our houses. That is why it is no surprise that replacing carpets or renewing our floors can really enhance the value of the house. When it comes to carpets, there are a few options. We can either replace the carpets completely or get a deep steam carpet cleaning team to come treat the current floor. A polish or deep cleaning is essential when we’re working with hardwood, linoleum, or tile. If the floors are extremely worn it is wise to look how much it would cost to install new flooring. This one thing can drastically bring up the sale value. That being said, this can be a more expensive endeavor and you should weigh the costs against the value before investing.

3. Smart Tech & Gadgets

Updating a home with Smart Home technology is said to help move a property quickly. Eye-catching tech like Nest and Control4 can catch the eye of Millenial buyers looking to invest in a home that’s ‘keeping up with the times’. It is important to note that not all smart upgrades will garner the same attention. Tech like Nest gained brand name recognition and with that comes some selling power. However, smaller more niche smart home gadgets might be lost on the average home buyer.

Check out our post from last week on Smart Homes to learn more about which tech would be right in your area.

2. Mind The Kitchen

When a house takes a while to move it can often be due to the kitchen. The kitchen is where many potential homebuyers spend their time. A kitchen with outdated appliances or dingy counters & cabinetry can deter even the most enthusiastic buyers. Taking a deep look at our kitchen space before putting a house on the market can make selling a house more cut and dry. Creating a dream kitchen does just that. It allows a potential buyer to dream about spending time there, which can often turn into an offer.

1. Keep Up The Grounds

The final and in some cases most important of our home sale tips are to upgrade and maintain the landscape. First impressions really do count, and curb appeal is dependent on what the landscaping presents to potential buyers. Trim the trees, add some flowers or shrubs, and above all else maintain any lawn. Landscaping should be concisely maintained throughout the process of showing the house for a fast sale.

Investing in renovations while selling a home can sometimes seem like a silly idea for some homeowners. However in many cases, it marks the difference between selling and sitting on the market. A new color scheme, an updated kitchen, or a fresh apple tree in the backyard can be great selling points for a realtor.

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