How Real Estate Agents Build Industry Authority

Being a real estate agent means that we often represent ourselves. It’s our face on the fliers and our voice that people first hear when inquiring about a property for sale.

With that in mind, a lot of newer agents tend to be nervous. This can come off negatively in our interactions with clients. Establishing authority within the real estate industry is a phenomenal way to not only build confidence, but it can also establish immediate trust from client to agent.

Every real estate authority knows at this point that blogging is essential. But in addition to blogging, there are some other actions worth taking that can allow you as an agent, to stake your claim in a saturated real estate sales industry.

Film Video Content

Video content is currently the most impactful for marketing purposes. The unstoppable craze of social media has shown that people like to engage with other people, not with a robot-like brand. Video content is popular because it is exactly that, people talking to people. Filming informative, simple videos is a wonderful way to engage both future clients and peers.  We recommend creating videos under a minute to ensure greater consumption. These short and fun videos can contain a real estate sales tip or fact. They can drastically increase our click-throughs on e-blasts and comments on social media. All of these outcomes work together in giving us a foundational authority in real estate sales.

Stay Active on Social

Many agents have trouble knowing what to post and how often on social media. While our followers don’t want to hear from us hourly, it’s important to post on business accounts every two to three days. Staying active on social media can engage your followers igniting the social algorithms. This ultimately helps us reach even more people. Staying active on relevant social sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn not only keep us relevant among our peers. This real estate social media also lets us continue reaching more people to take on as clients.

Get Networking

Becoming an authority in real estate sales don’t just come easily after selling a house. It is not that simple. A real estate agent with their eye on authority status should be active in the local real estate networking scene. Rubbing elbows with our industry peers is a great way to become more knowledgeable about the local and state-wide real estate. Another great reason to stay prominent at real estate networking is to keep hip to the latest real estate trends. Word moves fast at industry events and being on the front end of a new trend in the market can be gold for agents.

Reaching out to clients and business peers through video content, social media, and networking events, are the way to becoming an authority in any industry. To make the most impact go forth in an authentic light. People don’t want to engage with people who present themselves in a false light. Being professional with a twist of our personality is the best way to build a following large enough to be considered an authority.

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