How To Close Deals Using Real Estate Buyer Personas

Something that is always on the mind of top-earning real estate agents is the art of closing deals. Knowing who would be looking for a certain piece of property and why is the best way to close a deal, and fast. One of our favorite real estate tips for getting the job done is to create a real estate buyer persona before even marketing a lot.

What is a buyer persona?

Those who have worked with a marketing agency has likely been introduced to buyer personas, and this tool is just as important for real estate agents as other industries. A buyer persona is a conglomerate of specific goals and motivations for buying a home applied to a fictional person. Once the personas are in place we can be more aware of who we’ll be speaking to throughout the home sale process. Real estate agents use buyer personas to formulate what their conversations will look like. This way we can use the most impactful language while also ensuring we don’t say the wrong thing.

How do we create buyer personas?

Creating buyer personas takes a bit of insight into the real estate industry in our area. To best understand how to categorize personas take a look at this short list of possible personalities.

  • Single Female, Male or Parent
  • Unmarried Couple: Roommates, Domestic Partners
  • Married Couple Without Kids: Dual Income No Kids (DINK), With Dogs
  • Nuclear Family
  • Multi-Generational Family

When we’re looking to figure out which personas are right for us we should first take a look at our past successes. First take a random group of client files whether we closed deals with them or not. From these 10 or so clients, we can assess which were positive interactions and pinpoint these peoples’ specific traits. After we’ve identified the 3–5 personas we simply need to give them a name by giving them an adjective alongside their names like Single Stan or Married Marsha. Once we’ve given our personas identifiers some top earning real estate agents find it easier to visualize with a face attached to the personas. Once the visuals are in place it is essential to identify the demographics and create a story for the potential buyer.

Using Buyer Personas to Close Deals

A real estate buyer persona can help identify future problems a potential buyer might have with a certain property. Let’s say a multi-generational household needs a bedroom on the ground floor for grandma. An agent with a buyer persona for this person would know to mention that installing doors on the den could turn it into a lovely bedroom. With these personas, we can also identify the goals and needs of these generalized groups of people. A married couple with dogs would definitely prefer a house with a large and secure yard while a DINK wouldn’t find this as necessary in their chosen property. When we have a home that we think would be perfect for one of our personas we have the tools to write a posting that would attract their eye.

Taking time to understand the buyer personas floating around our real estate market will help us close deals. The top-earning real estate agents use them for business insight, and these real estate tips help us make our own.

What buyer personas are prominent in your area? Let us know in the comments!

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