modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances that adds value when selling a home

Learning the ins and outs of a property can really help a real estate agent know what they’re selling. It can also let us in on exactly what could be slightly upgraded. Upgrades, renovations, technology, and more can be built or installed to add value to our home for sale. Sometimes it’s a real estate trend and sometimes it’s as simple as painting the kitchen; check out our favorite tips in this post.

Assess Renovations & Decor

One of the best ways to build value when selling a house is to renovate or update the decor. A homeowner who is serious about getting top dollar for their property should sit down with their realtor and have a serious talk about what sort of updates would be worth the cost and effort. Creating an open concept kitchen, adding a new shower, or landscaping the backyard space can transform a home. Similarly, a homeowner should take a look at their walls, drapes, and furniture. When a property is decorated to an eclectic or specific taste it can sometimes stop a potential buyer in their tracks. A realtor would be wise to let sellers in on these details so that the property gets snatched right off the market.

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Tech for Realtors

From Customer-relationship Management and other helpful software to gadgets that make showing and securing a house easier than ever; there’s tons of tech for realtors nowadays. Some realtors use software to help them keep track of visitors at an open house. Others use a special app to make copying keys easier than ever. There are bits of software and technology to solve every problem in the real estate industry. To avoid falling victim to real estate trends it’s best to sit down and decide what problem we’re trying to solve in our business. Once we know what we want to accomplish with bringing on new tech then we’ll be able to really figure out what the perfect product is.

Hire a Certified Home Inspector

A home inspection is an essential portion of the home buying process. Knowing a certified home inspector has checked out the place can be a great incentive for buyers. It serves as proof and insurance that whoever is purchasing the property knows exactly what they’re getting. Hiring a certified home inspector on staff and building a relationship with them is a very good idea for a realtor. Knowing that we can trust a home inspector is essential because they will ensure we don’t miss anything that could bring down the home value. Having a certified home inspector can protect an investment, and ultimately create value when selling home. We should have one to three certified home inspectors in our contacts.

Upgrade To A Smart Home

The real estate trend of smart homes is the buzz of the industry. There are some really phenomenal ways to invest in a property for sale. Adding smart home technology to a space can also greatly increase the value when selling a home, but the trick is to know which technology will be the best investment. At the moment, buyers are most interested in smart home tech that has a name brand like Nest or Control4. 

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Upgrading the home with renovations, using software during the selling process, and investing in smart home technology can add value to any property. And adding value to a property is a wonderful way to beef up our real estate commission. Not every home needs each tactic, know what’s right for each specific property by working directly with the homeowner.

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