It’s official, technology companies are finally infiltrating the real estate business. Agents, buyers, and brokers are all benefitting from tech if they know where to look for it. Real estate technology is solving problems for agents, bridging the gaps between buyers and sellers. Simply put, technology is making selling easier. From apps to software, tech can be applied to the day to day problems that we face in the real estate world. Once you get the hang of how the software operates, you’ll find some tech supremely helpful in business.

Solving Problems

Many companies in real estate technology help solve problems for agents, brokers, and buyers alike. For example, Payfully helps agents keep their finances on track no matter when the paperwork goes through. This real estate tech company provides agents with an advanced commission for a small fee. Real estate agents enjoy using their services when needing access to funds with a quick approval time and transparent service. Lots of agents are also finding real estate specific tax software helpful when filling out their 1099 tax forms. Basically, there are companies figuring out how modern technology can solve problems in our day to day. You just have to look in the right places.

Bridging Gaps

Lots of the first real estate technology companies explore how to bridge the gap between buyers and sellers. Zillow and Redfin are two of the most widely-used apps when home buyers are doing their first round of shopping for homes. The issue with these modes of shopping is that while they do well to connect a buyer with a house, they often fail to connect a buyer to a real estate agent. Tech company, Igluu is building an interface that not only sets buyers up with a relevant agent, but it also incentivizes them to contact an agent on their platform. Igluu is currently only operating for those shopping New York real estate. However, the idea of closing deals using tech is fresh on the horizon for other markets as well.

Making Selling Easier

A lot of the issues real estate agents face have to do with organizing their offices, managing their time, and marketing. There are tech startups and software built to make customer relationship management simpler than ever. Some even help organize and manage how we reach out after open houses. In fact, there’s tech now that can help organize 3D tours of properties so every visit to our website has the value of an open house. Agents are all watching as digital tours and 3D mapping become a normal marketing tool in the industry.  This is just one of the many movements that are entirely tech-fueled.  

Oftentimes there’s a learning curve when starting up with a new piece of technology, but that doesn’t have to stop you from trying.  

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