Smart home technology is revolutionizing the way that you live in your house. Whether you want to streamline your smart technology with one hub, keep your climate right, see who’s at the door from anywhere, or ask Google a question, there are teams building tech to make it happen. These investments in smart technology can not only make living in your house synced and simple, but they can also bring up the value of the property. These are the top investments to make into smart home technology this year. 

Nest Hello Video Doorbell & Yale Lock

The Nest Hello suite is compatible with Google, which means that the Nest Hello video doorbell works together with your Google Home Mini so that you always know who’s coming to visit. This video doorbell uses the Home Mini to announce the arrival of visitors, then you simply log in to view who is at the door. When you want to, you can open the door for visitors from anywhere. This is very helpful for property managers who are working in multi-family units. Take advantage of Nest bundles to incorporate the video doorbell, the lock and more in your smart home technology upgrades. 

Ecobee3 lite

Control your thermostat from anywhere using your phone with the installation of this smart home tech. On top of this control, the ecobee3 lite allows you to save on your energy bill by introducing intuitive climate management to the property. In fact, you can save up to 23% annually on heating and cooling costs. This savings is so relevant that Puget Sound Energy gives a $75 rebate with the installation of the ecobee3 lite.

Google Home Mini

Home optimization tools like the Google Home Mini can truly streamline your life. Sync your calendar for verbal reminders of things coming up, ask Google questions when they pop into your head and use your voice to activate your chosen entertainment. We often turn to our phones with these needs, but this little synced up egg allows you to truly go hands-free with your life. 

Logitech Harmony Hub 

Turn your smartphone or tablet into a universal remote so you have complete control not only of your entertainment but also your other smart home technologies. The technology is compatible with over 270,000 smart home and entertainment devices to truly sync your home life. Gaming, TV, locks, thermostats, and doorbells; it’s all just one touch away with the Logitech Harmony Hub

SimpliSafe Home Security Systems

Get monitored security all day long on every door and window, in every single room, with SimpliSafe Home Security Systems. This company boasts protection from it all. Intruders, fires, water damage, medical emergencies; really everything. When the team at SimpliSafe notices an emergency situation they will alert local authorities to diffuse the situation as fast as possible. For those who travel a lot, spend a lot of time at their job, or simply love the peace of mind; SimpliSafe is a super smart upgrade for your home or property.

From doorknobs to home security, the smart home tech world has you covered. Take a look at your home and let us know in the comments which of these Payfully approved upgrades work for you. 

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