Every new agent is hungry to get their first commission. Whether it is the sale of a small family home or an expansive piece of land outside the city the rush of a commission well earned is an exciting prospect. But how do the top-earning real estate agents spend their commissions? One answer: invest. A real estate investment can often mean purchasing a piece of property we’ve had our eye on or invest in other aspects of the business.

A Real Fixer-Upper

A classic way that an agent can get further involved in the process of selling a home is to get in on the rush of flipping a house. As real estate agents, we have a first look at tons of places that are going up on the market. Snatching a good fixer-upper off the market ourselves is sometimes the perfect use for our last commission. If we’ve got a real knack for carpentry, tiling, landscaping, etc. or are simply willing to learn these trades then this could be exactly the real estate investment we’re looking for.

Jump Into Realm of Online Crowdfunding

Technology has drastically altered how we buy and sell properties. So why wouldn’t it change the way that we invest? Investments are made more simple for some using online crowdfunding marketplaces like Realty Moguls, FundRise, Prodigy Network, and iFunding. Each of these platforms offers their own bells and whistles. However, what they offer as opposed to classic modes of investment is a wide net. The ability to access a nicely displayed worldwide pool of worthy real estate investment opportunities is priceless. Online crowdfunding is a safe first step into the world of finance for a realtor looking to invest their commission.

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

Acquiring more property is a wonderful way to spend our real estate commission. One great way to expand our profile is by purchasing a home in a popular vacation location. Ideally, this would also be a place where we love to vacation. Renting out a vacation property is easier than ever with Airbnb, but we can also use the classic Vacation Rental By Owner (VRBO) approach. Either way with the right location, owning a vacation rental can be a considerable investment.

Real Estate Partnerships

A real estate partnership is ideal for an investor looking to combine funds to go in on a project larger than their available funds. Let’s think of it as offline crowdfunding. If we have found an exciting opportunity that is just out of our budget perhaps bringing another investor in on the deal is the right choice. Before bringing someone in be sure they’re trustworthy. A great way to meet our industry peers is at real estate networking events and seminars.

These are carefully chosen strategies for someone new to real estate investment. Simple and impactful investments are ideal for a new agent as they strive to become a peer of top-earning real estate agents. Looking to get access to the commission while still in contract? Payfully is a transparent business that can get realtors to access to their commissions right now.

Learn more about real estate commission advances at Payfully.co.

Agents know by now that a real estate commission advance can be helpful in so many ways. An advance can be used to cover everyday expenses, a state of emergency, or be invested back into our business. When it comes to getting an advance on a commission we must really pay attention to which company we trust to handle the transaction. Consider a company that offers a transparent, low stress, high earning payment advance. In this post, we’re exploring the experience of getting a commission advance through Payfully.


Nobody wants to get a payment advance and then suffer hidden fees that cause our earnings to disappear before our eyes. Some agents also harbor the fear that for some reason a real estate commission advance would slice into our credit score. However, those who choose to work with Payfully suffer neither of these issues. Payfully is upfront about taking just one fee with absolutely no effect on our credit score. The company preserves their devotion to transparency in their entry to the real estate industry.

Low Stress

There is a very common question from real estate agents inquiring about their first commission advance. They want to know if their broker is going to have to deal with long calls with an advance company or some other stressful interactions. When working with the team at Payfully, the broker does almost nothing. The broker simply has to sign the advance agreement to provide their consent.  Once the commission goes through, they forward the earnings directly to Payfully. Absolutely no liability falls to the broker even if the sale doesn’t close or we leave the company. This is the most low-stress scenario for a real estate commission advance.

Bang For Our Buck

In about three business days, Payfully is able to provide about 80% of our commission. After looking into our business and transaction history for approval Payfully will deposit up to 80% of our earnings into our account. There is a one time fee taken from the sum which is determined by the Payfully risk analysis algorithm. Expect zero hidden fees when working with this advance company. If for some strange reason the sale doesn’t actually go through, just let your next sale cover the balance in the Payfully system. We can enjoy a robust amount of our commission in advance with very little risk.

Getting a real estate commission advance can be stressful with the wrong company. Luckily Payfully is a trustworthy, transparent business. Payfully operates out of New York and helps real estate agents gain access to their commissions before the contracts have completely gone through.

Once we finally find the perfect buyers for one of our listings we’re on our way to cashing that commission. Unfortunately, our real estate commission is tied up while the sale is in contract.

With a commission advance, a realtor can gain access to their cash from a home sale while it is still in contract for a small administrative fee. But why would an agent want to get a commission advance? There are tons of reasons to take out an advance on our future income.

Check out these tips for using our commission to building our business.

Take A Class

Many agents continue learning new things and adapting to the flux of the market. One great way to utilize a commission advance is to take a class that helps advance your business.

Some agents might find a class in social media & SEO fascinating and useful. Others could are inspired by buying a ticket to see an entrepreneur speak.

There could even be specialized classes in real estate like marketing, branding, and more. Taking a class can be a great way to use our earnings to continue growing our business.

Software & Tech

There’s a bounty of software and technologies built specifically for real estate agents.

Client Relationship Management software and other data collection and aggregating platforms can be essential for organizing leads for agents.

Every agent is active on Zillow by now, but what about Matterport, BombBomb, or Spacio? From generating leads to nurturing the cold ones, this software is support systems for agents who are often managing multiple listings on their own.

Taking on new tech systems to expedite and coordinate our business structure a great use for our real estate commission.

Hire Outside Marketing

It is highly recommended to bring on software and tech before hiring employees, but hiring outside help is another great strategy to watch our business grow.

While we can take a class or learn from realtors or marketers on YouTube, marketing is best left to the professionals.

Skills like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), e-mail marketing, and Social Media Management (SMM) are nuanced. While it can be easy to partially manage these aspects of our real estate business, an outside marketing professional can be remarkably helpful in attracting new home buyers and sellers.

Branding Consultant

For a real estate agent, our brand is fundamental to our success. Sure a brand grows by word of mouth, but there are key components that a branding specialist could improve to make our image work for us.

The subtleties of branding are best left to an authority on the matter, but be sure to pick a consultant that is willing to work with us directly. The best brand consultants will identify our strengths, then highlight and display them so that our ideal clients will flock to us.

Investing a commission advance into the building or pivoting our brand could be invigorating for our real estate business.

Getting an advance on our home sale commission can really come in the clutch when we need cash fast. But it is also a great way to invest back in our real estate business to create even more income. In these times, check out Payfully for fast and easy advances.