From the development of the personal computer to cell phones, to the rise of app culture; technology continues to shape our culture. Similarly, the entrance of tech into the industry is shaping the business. When it comes to real estate business and finance, property technology is the thing to watch. Property technology, or proptech, serves to streamline the entire process of real estate business from agents to buyers to financiers to developers.

The property technology market is a collective bounty of intelligent, prosperous companies linked together by the type of technologies they’re working with. From Igluu to Payfully’s commission advances, every great proptech company started with an innovative idea. These companies are solving one universal problem, which is how to use technology to streamline real estate business. Blockchain, virtual reality, interfaces, artificial intelligence, and a new focus are the top 5 property technologies gaining momentum in the coming months.


Blockchain for real estate is like a detailed public account of time-stamped transaction data. Professionals have the ability to see what each party is doing in the process of a real estate transaction. Some real estate blockchain startups are already working to tokenize assets. Thus, helping to enhance the liquidity in the market. Blockchain lifts the curtain for a fully transparent transaction. Thus removing the need for a third party in the buying and selling of a property.

Virtual Reality

Real estate agents are finding virtual reality to be an exceptionally helpful tool. Virtual reality, or VR, proptech is used to create three-dimensional viewings of a property. For a buyer or real estate investor who doesn’t have the time see the physical property, virtual reality proptech is essential.

Centralized Interfaces

The first proptech to hit the real estate market was software like Client Relationship Management (CRM), focused accounting and ancillary software, etc. This year, proptech will begin to focus on combining multiple features into one easy-to-use software. With this said, we may see mergers, partnerships or complete buyouts to better serve agents.

Artificial Intelligence

Real estate is one of the most robust industries in the world. As a result, this translates into mountains of data regarding buyers, sales, properties, and more. Unfortunately, real estate players don’t have the time to aggregate and make sense of big data. That is why Artificial Intelligence (AI) companies are adapting algorithms to fit within the proptech market. AI is set to create a more efficient market for all real estate professionals.

Tenant Focused Apps

While much of the proptech focus is on the professionals, the app focus may be moving more toward tenants. Moreover, professionals are investing in apps that can help tenants get into the building, request repairs, and more. All the while, making managing the property much easier. That is why a push for tenant apps remains at the forefront for proptech apps this year.

These are the five focuses that Payfully believes will shape proptech in the coming future. Blockchain, virtual reality, centralized interfaces, artificial intelligence, and tenant focus will be used to inevitably transform the real estate industry.

Real estate agents don’t have to work alone anymore with these must-have apps for real estate agents selling a house.

Technology is the way to the future, this is a fact we’ve all come to terms with. The reality is that even the real estate industry can benefit from the many app offerings the tech industry has rolled out. Some of these real estate apps are well known among agents, but others on the list might be brand new.

Zillow Premier Agent App

For years homeowners have been connecting with properties through the Zillow app. Selling a house became easier once Zillow started filtering leads our way. As of this Summer, Zillow is now offering a lead aggregating app specifically built for agents. Lead generating apps like Purple, Boomtown and more even feed into the Premier Agent App. It is definitely one to remember when looking for new real estate apps in the store.


Getting a potential homebuyer to click our link is just one step in the process of online lead generation. Our posting also has to transport the homebuyer into the home so that they transport themselves into imagining living there. This is essential when turning a click-through into selling a house. Matterport allows an agent to make a 3-Dimensional scan of any place. Those interested can build 3D walkthroughs, virtual tours, and immerse themselves in their possible new home.


Agents have so much going on when selling a house that it’s often hard to make time for digital marketing and social media. Out of all the apps for real estate agents, CityBlast is the ideal solution for social media. CityBlast can manage Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Bing, and Google ads. They’ll even post social media content to our pages, keeping us active online when we’re running around to open houses and such. This company is founded by Realtors who employ real estate professionals. A great option for a real estate agent who needs some help in the digital marketing space.


Any digital marketing plan isn’t complete without e-blasts. But since that’s common knowledge, it’s hard to get noticed in people’s inboxes. BombBomb lets agents embed simple, short videos into their e-blasts that have shown to increase opens and click-throughs. Get tech savvy without the learning curve.


Fast track the endless process of getting key copies and returning them to owners with KeyMe. This real estate app lets users take a photo of a key and make a copy in just minutes. Just send the saved key from the app to a kiosk to be stored in their secure, accurate platform.


Gone are the days of clipboards at the entryway for an open house. Imagine no longer having to guess if that is an ‘a’ or an ‘o’ on emails or names. Spacio allows real estate agents to have their open house guests input information into an iPad. But that’s not it. After the event is complete agents can instantly send follow up emails directly from the app. This app can also integrate with a variety of CRM technologies and printseller reports for ease in marketing, business processes, and sales strategies.

In the current app space, there are tons of real estate apps to choose from, but these are Payfully approved. When selling a house, many agents believe that apps are definitely going to help.