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  • How does it work?

    Complete and submit our simple online application. You’ll receive an offer from Payfully in less than an hour and if you choose to accept, you’ll receive funds as quickly as the same day.

  • How much of my commission can I advance?

    In general, you can receive 75% of your earned commission up to $10,000.

  • At what stage can I advance my commission?

    Once you have an executed contract of sale and are scheduled to close within 60 days, you’re eligible to apply for an advance with Payfully!

  • Why does the broker sign the advance agreement?

    All real estate commissions technically belong to the brokerage, so we require that the broker agrees to assign the advanced portion of the commission and fee to Payfully.

  • Does the broker have any risk or liability?

    No! Should the deal fall through, the agent and Payfully will sort out payment from the next commission.

  • What if I have poor credit?

    No problem! Payfully doesn’t require credit checks.

  • What is the cutoff for same day transfer?

    In order to receive a same day ACH transfer the application must be completed and all documents must be signed by 12:00 pm ET.

  • How does the pricing work?

    We pride ourselves on fair, transparent pricing. There’s a one time fee included in the purchase amount charged at closing. Before you apply, you will see the total amount Payfully will receive at closing.

  • Are there hidden fees?

    No. Payfully only charges a simple fee based on the amount of time needed to repay.

  • Are commission fees tax deductible?

    Advances are intended for business purposes, therefore the fee may be tax deductible.

  • How does repayment work?

    When the transaction closes, your brokerage receives the commission and sends Payfully the advance plus fee directly. You will be paid the remaining portion of your commission from your broker as usual.

  • What happens if my sale’s closing is delayed?

    We get it, things don’t always go as planned. Payfully gives a 20 day grace period. If the delay will be longer than 20 days, please contact support@payfully.co

  • What happens if my sale doesn’t close?

    It happens. In the event that a sale falls through, we can wait for the next one.