The listing of a piece of property is an essential tool for all realtors. They serve as a connection between a property and potential buyers. Effective real estate ads will not only properly describe the property’s information, but also entice the viewer to take action. The art of the perfect real estate listing comes down to three components. Whether it’s a national site, like Zillow & or regional most comprise of a property description, visual marketing, and the property’s information.

Property Description

Some realtors will make the mistake of simply listing bullet points of the features and benefits of the property for sale in this section. However, a property description should comprise of much more than that. The description section in real estate ads will tell the property’s story. In this copy, a realtor has the opportunity to show the buyer what it would be like to live there.

Imagine the type of person or family that would be interested in the property and then cater the language and lifestyle to them. In the description, space make sure to include the listing amenities and special features. Also, list any name brand doors, windows, or appliances that may be installed in the space. This will all converge to make the most compelling property description a realtor could write.

Visual Marketing

Every listing has a space for photos. These images serve as the hook for real estate ads. Engaging, beautiful photos that transport a viewer into the property are essential. A good picture will catch someone’s eye in a sea of other listings, enticing them to read more. In addition, lighting is fundamental when snapping a photo for real estate marketing purposes. Generally, natural lighting is the most engaging for buyers but it can make it difficult to capture quality images. Always use a tripod to capture the best photos. Also, remember to always use the landscape orientation.

Although they’re essential, pictures have become just one aspect of visual marketing for realtors. Now, real estate agents have access to 3D video tours and drone footage of the property. While these aren’t always able to be posted in the listing itself, but their value is irrefutable. That being said, we’re realtors not professional videographers. To capture video footage or drone tours of property for sale consider bringing on outside marketing help.

Property Information

This is the section we’re all familiar with. The property information includes all of the usual property specs that a buyer would be interested in.

Integral information includes:

    • Rooms
    • Bathrooms
    • Square Footage
    • Parking
    • Heating/Cooling
    • Building Features
    • Surrounding School Districts
  • Utilities

The property descriptions, visual marketing, and property information all make up a real estate listing. But effective real estate ads will connect the person viewing it directly to the space. These tips will help those selling a house or condo to get more interest from their listing.