Just a decade ago the idea of smart homes was a children’s channel original movie. A house that could manage climate, keep us secure inside, and even manage it itself was simply an idea of imagination. This is no longer true in the age of hands-free homes using Google Home and convertible furniture that can be a shelf, seating area, or bed at our whim. Smart Homes are now, and unlike many real estate trends, this one is worth keeping an eye on. Whether we’re looking for a rise in our real estate pricing or to stand out among the crowd, installing smart home products can be ideal for many looking to move a property.

The Potential for Return on Investment

Many agents know that if the homeowner were to install trendy hardwood floors or a new backyard water feature the value of the home will go up. Smart home products can effect real estate pricing, but in the current market, a rise in price for home automation technology isn’t guaranteed. While this does make an investment in smart home products less likely, there is value to automating a home for sale. What these products like Nest and other buzzworthy home tech creations will help the house sell more quickly. To expedite a sale using smart home products it is necessary to purchase things that buyers will respond to.

Which Products Are Worth It?

There are lots of wonderful smart home technologies emerging from coders and creators across the world. An article in New York Mag suggests that the best products to install in a home for sale are those that a consumer would recognize. Products like the Nest thermostat have made headlines and even a non-techie would have a bell ring when they heard that name from a real estate agent. For those truly interested in adding concrete value to their property a real investment is necessary. For example, the Control4 automated system that integrates into the entire house would definitely add to the real estate pricing but it would also cost $12,000 upon installation. Before knowing which products are worthwhile for us to buy we need to identify what we’re looking for from the products.

Modern Buyers Want Modern Homes

Two years ago a Coldwell Banker survey revealed that Millenials would be willing to pay up to $1500 more for a home integrated with smart home technology. This generation is slowly taking over as the prominent homebuyer, and as such, the real estate industry is bending to their needs. One of these needs is smart home products. Survey after survey shows that the elder Millenials (aged 27–36) will pay more for a smart home while the younger members of the generation don’t find it as essential. These facts allow us to predict that while smart homes are hot right now, it is possible they won’t have the staying value of marble countertops.

The trend of smart homes isn’t going anywhere yet, but it may not be so prominent forever. Investing in a $200 Nest to move a property is more valuable to real estate agents than building a condo integrated with Control4. Want to invest in Smart Home products right now? Check out real estate commission advances from Payfully for a small fee.

Agents know by now that a real estate commission advance can be helpful in so many ways. An advance can be used to cover everyday expenses, a state of emergency, or be invested back into our business. When it comes to getting an advance on a commission we must really pay attention to which company we trust to handle the transaction. Consider a company that offers a transparent, low stress, high earning payment advance. In this post, we’re exploring the experience of getting a commission advance through Payfully.


Nobody wants to get a payment advance and then suffer hidden fees that cause our earnings to disappear before our eyes. Some agents also harbor the fear that for some reason a real estate commission advance would slice into our credit score. However, those who choose to work with Payfully suffer neither of these issues. Payfully is upfront about taking just one fee with absolutely no effect on our credit score. The company preserves their devotion to transparency in their entry to the real estate industry.

Low Stress

There is a very common question from real estate agents inquiring about their first commission advance. They want to know if their broker is going to have to deal with long calls with an advance company or some other stressful interactions. When working with the team at Payfully, the broker does almost nothing. The broker simply has to sign the advance agreement to provide their consent.  Once the commission goes through, they forward the earnings directly to Payfully. Absolutely no liability falls to the broker even if the sale doesn’t close or we leave the company. This is the most low-stress scenario for a real estate commission advance.

Bang For Our Buck

In about three business days, Payfully is able to provide about 80% of our commission. After looking into our business and transaction history for approval Payfully will deposit up to 80% of our earnings into our account. There is a one time fee taken from the sum which is determined by the Payfully risk analysis algorithm. Expect zero hidden fees when working with this advance company. If for some strange reason the sale doesn’t actually go through, just let your next sale cover the balance in the Payfully system. We can enjoy a robust amount of our commission in advance with very little risk.

Getting a real estate commission advance can be stressful with the wrong company. Luckily Payfully is a trustworthy, transparent business. Payfully operates out of New York and helps real estate agents gain access to their commissions before the contracts have completely gone through.

It’s time to embrace and become an expert social media for real estate marketing. The experience of buying a new home or condo has changed immensely in the last decade. Instead of leafing through the newspaper, we’re using real estate apps to find houses the moment that they’re listed. With this technological innovation, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that real estate marketing isn’t complete without a social media presence.

Knowing Our Platforms

Being present on social media is important, but before even making profiles it’s best to know which platform will serve us best.

Each platform has made itself useful for fun, but when crafting a marketing plan, it’s best to assess which will be the best social media apps for realtors.

To excel in social with followers, likes, and comments we need to establish ourselves as an expert. Obviously, new agents won’t be experts, but they can still establish themselves as an aggregator. By this we mean we should post articles and other information from known real estate experts we follow. Realtors who find success on social platforms also rely heavily on photo and video content. Clicks and likes are much easier to acquire when attached to a beautiful image. With these tips in mind, let’s explore the most interesting and effective social media for realtors.


The truth of social media is that Facebook is the foundational platform, that is true for pretty much any professional industry.

For that reason, having a social page for the realty group is a great idea. All of the realtors could post to the page and interact, locking in engagement right off the bat.

However, some realtors prefer to have their own professional page. In this case, we should apply the aggregate content explained above.

Facebook is a great place to share articles, display albums of photos, and interact with others through comments.


Real estate marketing on Instagram has proven valuable for showcasing properties.

It is also a great place to share tips for sprucing up listings, decorating our future home, or knowing where to start with buying a house.

When building our page it’s important to market ourselves appropriately. So if we’re attempting to build our business then we should make it a ‘Business’ page rather and ‘Personal’. We can still share moments from our personal lives, but our followers will know we’re representing our real estate business.

While interacting on the page, remember to post on our feed and in our stories. Once our following has grown definitely start making live videos of open houses or tours. Lastly, don’t forget the hashtags. They’re always evolving but get a core 5–10 hashtags that inspire real estate engagement handy for the end of every post in our feed.


Though some mock this one, definitely set up a professional profile on LinkedIn. This social media site serves almost like a resume, displaying our schooling or experience. It also serves as a phenomenal networking tool, serving up our industry peers one after the other for us to connect with. Similarly, a commercial real estate agent will find it helpful to find investors on this social network for professionals.

Being on social media isn’t hard, but using social media to close deals can be a challenge. The best real estate marketing is done through confident, real engagement. While forming profiles, engaging with friends & followers, and planning post after post; just remember one thing. Be Yourself! The best way to generate leads from social media is to engage people the way you always have, with your own personality.